About tlb

Tracy Bloomfield RYT-200

Tracy's yogic journey began when she was a young adult seeking to improve flexibility after a knee injury.  She fell in love with yoga when she discovered mental and spiritual benefits that far exceeded mere physical enhancement.

After 15 years of practicing yoga, Tracy decided to complete yoga teacher training in order to deepen her understanding of yoga principles and postures.

During her training, Tracy discovered a passion for teaching yoga to people living with dementia-a population near and dear to her heart as her mother has been living with dementia for many years.  Tracy feels strongly that people with dementia can benefit greatly from practicing yoga, though they are frequently under served in this regard.

Tracy not only has experience with caring for a loved one with dementia, she has also been trained in yoga instruction through a specialized Dementia Yoga program. Tracy is registered with Yoga Alliance and is insured.

Let Tracy put her expertise to work and provide a personalized program for your memory care facility residents.

Yoga Teaching Philosophy

Tracy's main objective is to provide a fun, safe, and healthful yoga practice for her clients.